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Art.-Nr.: 697457, Queered Spiral Dance in the Bi, Saikat

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Saikat, Shakhawate Jamil: Queered Spiral Dance in the Binary Structure of Human and Non-human. This book inquires about the poetics and politics of the Post/Humanities.In doing so, it is intended to investigate the nature of interrelationship and tension between humanism and posthumanism; to evaluate whether posthumanities can be an academic possibility or not; to explore into the queered state of human-nonhuman binary because of the emergence of transhuman, cyborg and other posthuman identities; to understand how these identities are represented in the contemporary Hollywood films; to comprehend what these selected films want us to think about our future world. - Shakhawate Jamil Saikat has accomplished M. A. in Literature in English and Cultural Studies from Department of English, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013. He is interested in Posthumanities,Postcolonial Studies and Cultural Studies.

Queered Spiral Dance in the Bi, Saikat

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