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Art.-Nr.: D94245, A Man Without, Mane

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Mane, Nitin: A Man Without. The work is the description of devising, writing, rehearsing and performing a solo show named A Man Without. It also includes a rehearsal draft and full performance script of the play. The play depicts the posthumous trial of a multi-religious man named Neelkanth Khan. To be freed from limbo Neelkanth must defend his life before Jesus, Krishna and Allah. The work details the important hurdles and breakthroughs during the whole creative process. It is interesting journey. - Nitin Mane has Master of Theatre Arts from Mumbai University and Master of Fine Arts from LSU at Baton Rouge, USA. While at LSU, he performed in many Swine Palace Productions including Disgraced, Noises Off and The Seagull.

A Man Without, Mane

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