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Art.-Nr.: E13318, Quranic Commentaries and Trans, Zubair

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Zubair, K. M. A. Ahamed: Quranic Commentaries and Translations in Arwi and Tamil Languages:. The Quran is a collection of verses that Almighty Allah revealed to his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Arabic language at different times and contexts.The commentaries and translations of the Holy Quran, is the religious field in which Tamil Scholars engaged their attention. They had religious consciousness while interpreting the Holy Quran. They always relied on the Holy Quran, the Hadith and the views of the Sahabas while making the Interpretation and Translation of the Holy Quran.The Arwi Tafseers served as authentic Tafseers of Quran, and the Mufassirs followed the correct methodology and attained correct knowledge in the language of the Quran. The Tamil Tafseers were written by referring the Arwi Tafseers. The Arwi Tafseers referred the commentary on the commentaries of al-Baidawi , and al-durr al-Manthoor. Shaik Sadaqathulla Appa (1632-1703) of Tamilnadu has written commentaries on the Tafseer of al-Baidawi and al-durr al-Manthoor .These explanatory commentaries served as model for Arwi commentaries .This work may be used in worldwide to know about Quranic Commentaries and Translations in Arwi and Tamil languages. It is also a contribution to the Indian heritage. - Dr. K. M. A. Ahamed Zubair has been teaching Arabic Literature and Language in New College, Chennai, India for more than ten years. He has written 23 books in English, Tamil and Arabic languages and 155 research articles , published from Canada , Germany, Iraq, Malaysia, Bangladesh and India. He is the Editor of 2 Refereed Journals NJAS and IJLLL.

Quranic Commentaries and Trans, Zubair

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